Oscar Alfonso Sosa

February, 2016

  • 6 February

    Yaguajay Honors Camilo Cienfuegos Birthday Anniversary

    Children from the northern municipality of Yaguajay, Sancti Spiritus, commemorated today the 84th birthday anniversary of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos, in the local historic complex named after the late legendary guerrilla. With dances, songs, poems and other artistic performances, the younger generation paid tribute to the hero who produced brilliant pages …»

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November, 2013

  • 12 November

    Trinidad’s Restaurant-Bar La Botija (+photos)

    Trinidad changes, suffers daily transformations, as it gets closer to its 500th foundation anniversary. The metamorphosis goes beyond facades, roofs, streets, and the rejuvenation of heritage gems. Services, especially the gastronomy, have undergone a revolution.»

March, 2013

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November, 2012

  • 1 November

    Cuba: Yaguajay Honors Crescencio Galañena (+photos)

    Yaguajay, a northern municipality in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus, pays tribute to the Cuban diplomat Crescencio Nicomedes Galañena Hernandez, murdered in Argentina in August 1976, victim of the Operation Condor, which involved the country’s military dictatorship that killed thousands of people.»