Return of Cubans stranded in Haiti continues

Cubans stranded in Haiti as a result of the complex situation of violence unleashed there will continue to return to their country today as part of a return operation coordinated by the Cuban authorities.

The majority of the new students are women, travelling from different parts of the country.

The first group of 49 people arrived this Friday, of the more than 200 expected to arrive this weekend on six flights to the provinces of Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba.

The first phase of the operation was carried out in several buses from the capital, Port-au-Prince, to the city of Cap Haïtien.

Cubans were stranded in that Caribbean nation after the border closure caused by the increase in violence by criminal gangs and the confrontation with law enforcement forces, after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry reported in its X profile that it will continue to provide information on the development of this return operation until its completion.

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