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Return of Cubans stranded in Haiti continues


Cubans stranded in Haiti as a result of the complex situation of violence unleashed there will continue to return to their country today as part of a return operation coordinated by the Cuban authorities.»

Aging, the Main Challenge in the Demographic Field

The National Office of Statistics and Information (Onei for its acronym in Spanish) gives the keys to understanding how the aging process unfolds in Cuba, the national challenge par excellence in the demographic field.»

Terrorism against Cuba with more US funds

The United States embassy in Cuba

U.S. taxpayers' money will be used to finance another initiative of media terrorism against Cuba, under the name of Accelerate Fund for Independent Media and Content Creators, digital platforms denounced here.»

Haiti establishes council to choose new leaders as gang violence rages

Haiti has formally established a transitional council to fill a leadership vacuum by choosing a new prime minister, and to restore order in the Caribbean country ravaged by gang violence. A decree published in the official gazette announced the formation of the Presidential Transitional Council on Friday, a month after Prime Minister Ariel Henry said he would step down amid a wave of attacks by armed gangs in the capital, Port-au-Prince.»