Cuba seeks to boost its economy, despite hostile scenario

The Cuban Government is working on strategies to correct distortions, boost the economy and maintain its social project, despite the complex scenario it faces due to the United States blockade, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero said here on Friday.

At a meeting with the Cuban State Mission in France, the head of Government shared the priorities to move Cuba’s socialist project forward, in a context he compared to that of a war economy, marked by the tightening of Washington’s blockade, which aggravates the impact of global crises and conflicts.

According to Marrero, the challenging panorama requires decisions that concentrate the government’s efforts at these times, focusing on correcting distortions and improving the economic situation, and at the same time, deployed in the streets with the people, listening to them and explaining each measure.

The immediate projections include objectives such as macroeconomic stabilization, with components ranging from price updating and decentralization to exchange rate control.

The Cuban prime minister also highlighted the actions to increase and diversify foreign currency income, an area that includes the stimulation of exports; the increase in national production, with a view to food sovereignty; the improvement of the entrepreneurial system and territorial development.

Marrero explained the behavior of the private sector as an element of economic impulse, with more than 10,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) approved in the last few years and around 580,000 workers under non-state forms of management.

All this means the possibility of making incursions in a wide range of areas, the Cuban prime minister pointed out.

The development strategies also contemplate a social policy to protect the most vulnerable, with the thesis of subsidizing people and not products, and a relentless fight against corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline.

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