Every contribution of solidarity, no matter how small, defies the blockade, hatred and evil

After only 24 hours of the beginning of a solidarity campaign in the United States to send food to Cuba, more than 600 donations were collected, said Manolo de los Santos, executive director of the organization The People’s Forum, based in New York


More than 600 donations were collected in the United States, just 24 hours after the start of the last solidarity campaign in that nation to send food to Cuba.

The executive director of the organization The People’s Forum, Manolo de los Santos, assured Granma that this shows the solidarity feeling of the American people with the Caribbean Island, in spite of the hatred and malice shown by successive US governments in their attempts to overthrow the Revolution, by tightening sanctions.

De los Santos added that several organizations have committed themselves to mobilize to deliver, in the near future, more than 800 tons of wheat flour to the largest of the Antilles, understanding that the just cause embraced by Cuba is the same one defended by other peoples of the world.

From the Internet platforms of the organization he leads, based in New York, it is expressed that any contribution, no matter how small, will be the main challenge to those who intensify the criminal and ruthless economic, commercial and financial blockade.

Manolo de los Santos is confident that this new initiative will further unite the two peoples, who on countless occasions have known how to reciprocate love and offer solidarity to each other.

The People’s Forum incubates movements for working class and marginalized communities. Its purpose is to build unity across historic lines of division, both at home and abroad, and to make socialist ideas available through popular education and the elevation of working-class culture throughout the country and internationally.

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