Warm welcome for Cuban president in Angolan National Assembly

A warm welcome was provided Monday by deputies of Angola’s National Assembly (unicameral parliament) to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel at the Legislative headquarters

Warm welcome for Cuban president in Angolan National Assembly
Warm welcome for Cuban president in Angolan National Assembly

“I greet on behalf of the sovereign Angolan people and take this opportunity to present in your person the greatest gratitude to the Cuban people, who have always given irrefutable proof of solidarity and friendship towards Angola in the most difficult moments,” said the president of that body, Carolina Cerqueira.

This was the message conveyed at the solemn session, which began with the interpretation of the world-famous song La Guantanamera, a symbol of Cuban citizenship, as expressed by the Cuban president himself.

In her welcoming remarks, the head of the legislature explained the composition of the Assembly, made up of 220 deputies from different political forces, elected every five years, and where the presence of women stands out, with around 38 percent, as well as the growing number of young people.

He added other elements of the functioning of this body, committed to guaranteeing the interests of the people, and referred to the emergence of the Angolan State, which began to be built in an atmosphere of hostility.

At that time, he recalled, the support of the Cuban people was essential, who did not hesitate to cross the Atlantic in response to our clamor and, with the sacrifice of their lives, to meet the same fate in the struggle to defend freedom and the integrity of the national territory.

These and other allusions to the military epic fought by both countries, and the mentioning of the names of figures and battles decisive in the achievement of the victory, which also contributed to the freedom of Namibia and the triumph over the apartheid regime in South Africa, were applauded by many.

He highlighted the role of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, promoter of the solidarity of the island, whose memory remains in the heart of all Angolans, he said.

He condemned the U.S. blockade, which affects the development and life of the Caribbean nation, and stressed that in spite of the difficulties caused by these unjust measures, Cuba has never hesitated to offer its help anywhere in the world.

From this tribune we pay homage to the noble sons of the Cuban homeland, said the President of the Assembly with emotion, who once again thanked them for their legacy of heroism, which will not be forgotten by the new generations of Angolans.

She added that as representatives of her country they are committed to promote these unbreakable and historic political, diplomatic, economic and cultural ties, in order to strengthen them.

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