Varadero Josone Festival arises positive opinions

After two days of presentations of different Cuban groups at the Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz & Son Festival, opinions about the event, now in its third edition, are positive

Varadero Josone Festival arises positive opinions
Varadero Josone Festival arises positive opinions

According to the director of the Sauto Theater, Kalec Acosta, it is an honor that for the first time the functions of the Yumurino temple as a sub-venue of the Festival in the context of the 160th and 330th anniversaries of the institution and the city of San Carlos and San Severino of Matanzas, respectively.

Acosta pointed out that it represents a challenge for the workers of the flagship institution of Matanzas’ culture to receive artists such as Alaín Pérez, Haila Maria Mompie, Pachito Alonso, among others, who are among the most valuable and brilliant of the Cuban musical panorama.

The Festival provides the opportunity for attendees to enjoy excellent presentations and bring culture closer to the people, which is an objective pursued by events of this kind, he said.

The provincial deputy director of culture in Matanzas, Noslen Gonzalez, pointed out that having the Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz & Son at the Matanzas theater coliseum puts the facility in a cultural spotlight as a reference of art in the territory, while contributing to raise the attractiveness of the temple as a heritage element located in the province.

The event is also aims at strengthening relations between the tourism sector and culture by boosting city tourism with centers such as the Sauto that are attractive for visitors, he said. During last Monday and Tuesday nights, the Sauto Theater hosted the first two days of presentations of the Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz & Son Festival and today will close its role in the event to give way from Thursday until Sunday to concerts in the traditional venue of the Josone Park.

The presence of different genres among them trova, rumba, son, and even urban music can be appreciated in the event that gathers musicians such as the Muñequitos de Matanzas, the Failde and Aragon orchestras, Alexander Abreu and Havana D’ Primera, Alex Duvall, Divan, among other renowned artists.

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