Tobacco planting advances in Sancti Spíritus

The sowing of covered and sun tobacco in the province of Sancti Spíritus, the second producer of the leaf in Cuba, goes as planned to achieve high efficiency, experts said.

There is interest in achieving an excellent production of tobacco leaves to meet the demands from the Cuban economy to make cigarettes for export and to earn foreign currency.

In the current 2023-2024 harvest, which has just started, tobacco growers are preparing the best harvest over the last five years with the inclusion of science and technology in this kind of crop.

Prensa Latina visited some areas where the harvesters are satisfied with the use of postures achieved in root ball tunnels, seed obtained through mechanization and phytosanitary care.

Isidro Hernández, agricultural director of the local Collection and Processing Company, commented that this makes it possible to provide harvesters with this innovative technique to produce high-quality layers.

Another contribution is the use of photovoltaic panels in the introduction of localized irrigation in the covered tobacco fields, which contributes to the administration of fertilizers and optimizes the use of water.

In addition, controlled leaf curing will be implemented with undeniable advantages that would go from about 50 to 21 days, leaving behind the reliance on the weather, he added.

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