Sancti Spiritus: International workshop on sustainability

Directors and specialists from the José Martí University (Uniss), of this central province of Cuba, with its counterparts of Germany, concluded today a Regional Workshop on Sustainability in academic training .

Peter-Hans Benedikt, dean of the Faculty of Sustainable Business, and Christine Hobelsberger, both from the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, participated for the European country.

Edelvy Bravo, dean of the University of Sancti Spiritus, praised the development of collaboration in search of efficiency in food production and sustainable energy, financed by the German Academic Exchange Service. This reciprocity of work allows us to share experiences and opt for best practices to strengthen international cooperation projects, he added.

While Narcy Bueno, rector of the high educational center in the eastern province of Granma, described the meeting as enriching and very fruitful in expanding the possibilities of advancement and benefit of the work.

She explained that by strengthening the exchange with both universities, we will be providing more complete and short-term results in our country.

For his part, Hans Benedikt expressed his satisfaction at being in this province for the second time, to advance cooperation on how to improve our economies.

Together we have to look for initiatives and change our way of producing and consuming, always taking the best experiences and socializing them, he stated.

Participants in the event visited the Center for Energy and Industrial Process Studies, as well as the specialized classroom of the Renewable Energy Sources project in support of Local Development at Uniss.

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