Pope Francis calls for peace in Niger

Pope Francis said that he is following with dismay the events in Niger, and referred to the need to put an end to the conflict in that African country

Pope Francis calls for peace in Niger
Pope Francis calls for peace in Niger

I join the call of the bishops for peace in the country and stability in the Sahel region,” Francis said, adding that “I accompany with my prayers the efforts of the international community to find a peaceful solution as soon as possible for the good of all”.

Finally, he asked the faithful to “pray for the beloved Nigerian people, and also invoke peace for all the people wounded by war and violence,” according to a note released by the Holy See press office.

Last Saturday, the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) agreed to activate a reserve force as a last resort to restore democracy in that country, following the coup d’état of last July 26. The main military chiefs of the nations that make up Ecowas met this week in Accra, capital of Ghana, and announced that they were ready for an armed intervention to reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum in power, if the ongoing negotiations with the coup leaders fail.

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