Cuba’s largest mass organization prepares for Congress

The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), Cuba’s largest mass organization, are preparing for its 10th Congress, which will be held in this capital on September 27 and 28.


CDR National Coordinator and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Hernandez, said the meeting will analyze the organization’s problems and show actions to help the country in the current context. Initiatives such as energy saving, food production, popular control, and a more extraordinary confrontation with criminal actions emerge from the meeting, Hernández stated.

The Congress will also increase exchanges with the population and motivate youth to participate in the CDR tasks.

It will also deal with the organization’s cadre policy, revolutionary vigilance, preventive work, ideological work, and the care of children, youth, and young people.

An estimated 480 delegates and 120 guests from all of Cuba’s provinces will attend the Congress. They previously carried out a mass movement to strengthen and revitalize the organization.

The annual meeting of the Continental Front of Communal Organizations (FCOC) will take place the day after the event’s closing ceremony. It is expected to be attended by activists from some 12 countries.

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