Attack against Cuban embassy in the US causes worldwide repudiation

Cubans residing abroad and organizations in solidarity with Cuba strongly condemned the attack recently perpetrated with incendiary devices against the Cuban embassy in Washington

The attack was carried out on September 24th using two Molotov cocktails. Previously, in April 2020, an individual fired an assault rifle at the embassy, causing material damage to the building.

Governments of several nations and groups, political parties and personalities from Latin America and other regions sent messages of solidarity.

Cubans and members of associations of foreigners who studied in Cuba repudiated the incident and criticized the impunity with which these attacks take place in the capital of the United States.

Representatives of organizations in solidarity with Cuba in the United States convened on Monday an act of reparation in front of the attacked embassy, where they laid flowers and demanded an end to the attacks and to terrorism against Cuba.

The protesters highlighted the irony that while Cuba was unfairly included by the US State Department in the list of state sponsors of terrorism, actions of this nature are being committed on American soil against the Cuban embassy and diplomatic personnel.

Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel denounced the attack on Monday and stated that this was an act of violence and helplessness that could have cost valuable lives, and demanded action from the US authorities.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez also assured that anti-Cuban groups recur to terrorism because they have a sense of impunity, something about which Cuba has repeatedly alerted U.S. authorities

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