DPRK warns against recent US provocation

The US is practically turning the Korean Peninsula into a theater of military operations, International affairs commentator of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kang Jin Song warned

DPRK warns against recent US provocation
DPRK warns against recent US provocation

The analyst cautioned in an article that the sphere of movement of the U.S. strategic assets in the air, sea and underwater space around the Korean peninsula is expanding.

Since the beginning of this year, Washington has introduced its huge strategic forces, such as B-1B strategic bombers, F-35 Stealth fighters and the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz, simultaneously, multiple times and successively, saying that it would continuously increase the frequency and intensity of their deployment in the region, Kang said.

According to the commentator, the escalation of reckless deployment on the Korean peninsula, where a delicate situation already exists, is premised on the irreparable catastrophic consequence for the peace and security of the region and the rest of the world.

Washington should bear in mind that the Korean peninsula is too dangerous an area for the free access of its strategic assets, and that such moves will produce what it dislikes seeing most, i.e., the move to build up the DPRK’s nuclear armed forces, the note concludes.

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