Global campaign one million signatures in favor of Cuba intensifies

The international campaign of One Million Signatures to demand that the United States excludes Cuba from the list of sponsors of terrorism intensifies today before the upcoming vote against the blockade at the UN

In this endeavor, the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba (NNOC) illustrated in a proclamation that circulates in X how support for the Antillean nation in its just claim has spread throughout this country.

Along with the exhortations to the Government of Joe Biden to lift the blockade, there is also the request to remove the island from the list of sponsors of terrorism, a measure that reinforces the unilateral siege that the Cuban people have suffered for more than six decades.

About 30 American cities, including New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis and St Paul, Detroit, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Cleveland, San Francisco and other cities in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Hartford have adopted resolutions in favor of Cuba, the flyer noted.

Likewise, state legislatures in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Alabama, as well as numerous unions and organizations in the United States have expressed their support for the island.

In June of this year, the New York City Council approved a unanimous resolution that asked President Biden to end the draconian policies against Cuba and for the Caribbean country to be immediately removed from the aforementioned list.

About a hundred resolutions have been endorsed in recent years by city councils, county and school boards, state legislatures, unions and organizations, which together represent more than 54 million citizens here.

In a recent interview with Prensa Latina, Cheryl LaBash, co-president of the NNOC, warned that if Biden spoke on behalf of the people of the United States he would lift the blockade on Cuba and eliminate the designation of a country sponsoring terrorism.

The Democratic administration maintains nearly 243 coercive measures of its Republican predecessor, including the designation of Cuba on that list, indicated the flyer, which also warns about the attempts of Republicans in Congress to criminalize the illegal inclusion in law. The call to collect the Million signatures -which already has more than 370 thousand- emerged months ago from the leaders of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers of the Americas, the Sao Paulo Forum, the International People’s Assembly, among others.

The promoters of the initiative agree that only international pressure can help change these policies.

Last year, 185 countries rejected the blockade of Cuba at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), a consistent position since 1992, when Cuba first presented its claim to the multilateral organization.

On November 1 and 2, Cuba will once again present its report at the UNGA on the effects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States.

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