French Development Agency promotes projects in Cuba

The French Development Agency (AFD, in French) has accompanied Cuba in economic and social projects at the request of the Cuban Government, its director Alain Humen said in this capital on Monday

The French Development Agency (AFD, in French)
The French Development Agency (AFD, in French)

Speaking to Prensa Latina, the AFD’s deputy director for Latin America mentioned water, sanitation, health, energy, and transportation among the sectors for cooperation. He explained that the AFD has been working in Cuba on behalf of the French Government since 2016, based on local interests that include the so-called green transition, initiatives to fight climate change, and other issues with socio-economic benefits.

According to Humen, in these years of joint work with local authorities, the portfolio of operations amounts to 280 million euros, including some 40 million in donations and grants.

The projects are progressing at different levels of implementation. In addition to the funds of the French State, we include resources from the European Union (EU) through its funding mechanisms, he added.

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