Face Masks Still All-important to Fight Off Covid-19

WHO detailed face covering should be worn after a recent exposure to SARS-CoV-2, when someone has or suspects having being infected, is at high risk, and also if they are in a crowded, closed or poorly ventilated space.

After updating pandemic-related guidelines, WHO reported there are other cases in which a face covering may be suggested, depending on a risk assessment.

Factors to be considered include local epidemiological trends or increased community hospitalization and vaccination coverage levels.

WHO´s updated guidelines, on the other hand, ordered to reduce isolation period for infected patients and suggested a 10-day isolation from the date of symptom onset for patients with symptoms, which means a three-day reduction.

For those who come back positive, but have no signs or symptoms, WHO suggests a five-day isolation, compared to the 10 days previously indicated.

WHO recalled that Covid-19 patient isolation is an important step to prevent others from getting infected. These measures may be done at home or in a dedicated facility, such as a hospital or clinic.

After reviewing treatments, Who highly recommended to use Nirmatrelvir-Ritonavir, – also known by its trade name Paxlovid – for mild or moderate Covid-19 patients who are at high risk of hospitalization.

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