Cuba develops rapid test for dengue detection

Cuba is working today on the research and development of a rapid test for the detection of dengue fever, a joint effort of the Center for Immunoassay (CIE) and the Ministry of Public Health

Cuba develops rapid test for dengue detection

“It is a rapid test whose results are available in a short time, because it detects the NS1 antigen in the first hours of the disease,” Granma newspaper reported.

This will allow the National Health System to take all measures to control the outbreak in a febrile patient, immediately after the confirmation of dengue fever, Granma pointed out.

The rapid test for the detection of dengue is designed to be easily interpreted and used at any level of the health system.

It would be the first that the CIE develops with a higher percentage of its own technology, since there is already the Sumasof diagnostician, which detects the presence of human hemoglobin in feces, and is used in Cuba as a screening test for colon cancer, for adults over 50 years of age.

At present, the Cuban health system uses the Umelisa IgM Dengue IgM, which requires processing in a laboratory with Ultra Microanalytical System (SUMA) technology, and must wait until the fifth day of the symptomatology of the patient to be carried out.

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