Resolution passed in New York against the US blockade to Cuba

A resolution was passed by the New York City Council urging the U.S. Congress and President Joe Biden to lift the blockade off Cuba because of the harm it causes to its people.

unblock cuba

Activist Rosemarie Mealy told Prensa Latina via telephone: “We will have a press conference this morning at City Hall,” offering details on the text (Res. No. 285-A), endorsed with a vote of 49 to 0.

For the people in New York it is important because one of the most respected leadership organizations in the nation, the New York City Council, joined against the blockade on Cuba.

In addition, the document calls for the elimination of all prohibitions for Americans to travel freely to Cuba and for the Biden administration to remove Cuba from the unilateral list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Some 90 city councils, county boards, legislatures, school boards, labor councils, unions (including the New York University Professional Staff Congress) and other organizations, she said, have called on Biden to end anti-Cuba hostility and stifling policies.

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