Cuba seeks solutions to ease public transport crisis

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero on Wednesday ordered the Transportation Ministry (MITRANS) to adequately organize support for public transportation, especially in Havana

public transport

On Twitter, Marrero expressed that “amid such a complex situation, it´s pivotal to use state-owned transport service in support of passenger transportation,” while adding that “for such reason, I ordered MITRANS to organize proper implementation of corresponding measure.” Cuba has been long facing a serious crisis in public transportation, especially in the country’s capital, where it is nearly entirely covered by buses, in the absence of subways.

Situation got further complicated in recent years by outdated transport equipment and lack of resources to renew national bus fleet, largely due to the country’s financial difficulties tightened by the U.S. blockade imposed for over 60 years.

Marrero also added in another tweet that “all authorities must guarantee compliance with this provision, violation of which will be considered a serious indiscipline.

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