Cuba is electing 470 lawmakers to National People’s Power Assembly

Cuba is holding general elections on Sunday to elect 470 lawmakers to the National People’s Power Assembly (Parliament), who will lead the nation’s fate from the legislature for a five-year term.

On December 1, 2022, the Council of State called for national election, which will end on April 19 with the establishment of the new Parliament, the election of its Bureau, the remaining members, and the president and vice president of the Republic.

Previously, the electoral districts were established in December 2022, and the members of that electoral body were sworn in to supervise and update the polling stations of the constituencies (the grassroots level of the electoral system in the municipalities) and places with a large influx of people, such as bus, train and air terminals, hospitals, and others.

The participation of citizens and social organizations in these elections in Cuba was present when about 19,000 pre-candidates were proposed and chosen, including 12,427 grassroots delegates who were elected by the people in November 2022.

As a result of about 900 meetings by Cuban society organizations, the candidacy was established and later approved by the constituency delegates in sessions of the Municipal People’s Power Assemblies.

There is no election campaign in Cuba as in other countries. Only the photos and biographies of the candidates are posted in visible places in the communities.

Until March 24, the future parliamentarians toured neighborhoods, institutions, and places of interest, and met with citizens to learn first-hand about their concerns and proposals to solve the problems that affect them.

The 10th Legislature of the National People’s Power Assembly, to be established on April 19, will have 135 lawmakers fewer than in the previous legislative period: 221 are grassroots delegates, 135 are from the provinces, and 114 are national delegates.

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