Cuba launches new version of software for public health services

In order to improve the quality of public health, the Medical Biophysics Center in Santiago de Cuba (eastern region)is planning a new version of Imagis 2.0, software created 25 years ago to access Imaging services from any area of the clinics.

Cuba launches new version of software for public health services
Cuba launches new version of software for public health services

The patient who attends a health center in this province in search of an X-ray examination, a MRI or a CT scan, notices the speed of the process, since the result of the diagnosis can be reviewed with just one click, and it saves the country resources by minimizing the printing of films.

Alberto Lopez, director of the Medical Biophysics Center, told the Cuban News Agency that they are currently working on establishing a new function, inter-hospital communication, where they intend to establish and share information among institutions of the same type.

Another novelty will be the updating of the software to an Android version so that health personnel can consult the results of medical tests from mobile devices, he added.

The expert commented that Imagis is responsible for the visualization, transmission and storage of medical images and allows studies to be accessed at any time and place within the local hospital network.

The specialist explained the division of this software into six main modules, where the physician can search for the effigy as long as it meets certain research criteria such as the patient’s name, age, sex and modality.

Lopez pointed out the presence of a 2D medical image viewer to represent CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound scans and angiographies, as well as helping the specialist to take measurements of area, distance, angle, tissue density, among others.

It also has 3D technology to generate new axial views and facilitate interpretation, the second opinion of physicians and discussion of the studies, hence the improvement in the quality of diagnosis in radiology departments, he concluded.

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