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Cuba chosen as the best cultural destination in the Caribbean in 2024

Cuba has once again been selected as the best cultural destination in the Caribbean in 2024, according to the World Travel Awards, considered today as the Oscars of tourism in the world, the Ministry of Tourism of the largest of the Antilles informed on the social network X.»

A Month Away to Paris-2024, Cuba Inspires

A month away before the flame of the XXXIII Olympic Games is lit, in Paris, the city that on the 26th will become the second city, after London, to host the great event of world sport three times. There, Cuba has not given up on remaining among the top 20 nations.»

EcuRed, a Platform Aimed at Knowledge Management

Located in the south-central area of ​​the eastern Cuban province of Granma, the Bartolomé Masó municipality stands out for having two landscape units, one flat and the other mountainous, which preserve the memories of some of the most transcendental events in our national history, which with the collective contest are part of that source of knowledge that’s the Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia on Internet, EcuRed.»

Aging, the Main Challenge in the Demographic Field

The National Office of Statistics and Information (Onei for its acronym in Spanish) gives the keys to understanding how the aging process unfolds in Cuba, the national challenge par excellence in the demographic field.»

The Power of Listening

Living as a couple imposes many challenges on us. It’s not possible to empathize with another person in absolutely every aspect, much less with the person we live with on a daily basis because, unlike other relationships – friendship or work – we can’t evade or flee from those who accompany us in life.»

Longest horizontal oil well in Cuba is completed

The Unión Cuba Petróleo (Cupet) and the Chinese company Gran Muralla executed, in 546 days, the Varadero 1012 well, which is now the longest among the horizontal ones, with 8,047 meters in length.»