Cuba raffirms Zero-Tolerance policy on human trafficking

Cuba on Tuesday reaffirmed its Zero-Tolerance policy regarding any form of human trafficking, as well as the crackdown on this problem and associated crimes.

Cuba raffirms Zero-Tolerance policy on human trafficking
Cuba raffirms Zero-Tolerance policy on human trafficking

Cuba’s National Report on Preventing and Confronting Trafficking in Persons and Protecting Victims for 2022, published by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, detailed that during this period a national action plan is being rolled out through 2024 to coordinate State and civil society actions.

Likewise, cooperation actions and the timely exchange of information with international organizations, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the United Nations system and counterpart agencies of countries in the region and Europe continued in order to guarantee effective confrontation.

As an example, it mentions the one conducted between Cuba´s Interior Ministry (MININT) and Interpol to detect the use of social media in the possible commission of crimes associated with child pornography and sexual child abuse.

The text concluded that joint actions and results achieved by different entities of the Government and the civil society prove Cuba’s willingness to keep a Zero-Tolerance policy against human trafficking and to cooperate with all countries and international organizations.

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