Cuba conducts dynamic trial for election of governors

The dynamic trial to elect Cuba’s provincial governors and vice governors is being conducted on Sunday to verify the necessary guarantees for the May 28 elections.

election of governors and vice governors in cuba. illustration by osval
Illustration: Osval

National Electoral Council (CEN) President Alina Balseiro explained recently that the trial will simulate the voting, verification, counting, and validation of results.

It will also use the computer system of the University of Computer Science.

“Under that mission, the CEN organizes, directs, and supervises the development of this process, so as to approve the program, information calendar, and other documents that govern it,” Balseiro told a press conference.

The CEN has taken actions such as updating the computer system that supports the electoral exercise, training municipal and provincial authorities, the lawmakers appointed to preside the voting along with them, and the election in each territory.

The Municipal People’s Power Assemblies, except that of the Isla de la Juventud special municipality, will become polling stations on the set date, and the delegates of those bodies will be in charge of electing the governors and vice governors by free, equal, direct, and secret ballotting.

The president of the Republic must propose the persons who will hold the positions of governors and vice governors, Balseiro said, adding that if one or both candidates are not elected, the CEN will inform the president to present another proposal.

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