Cubans commemorate 65th anniversary of North Front of Las Villas

Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés presided over the Political Event and Military Ceremony on the 65th Anniversary of the Northern Front of Las Villas, held at the Commander Camilo Cienfuegos Historical Complex in Yaguajay on Saturday.

Cubans commemorate 65th anniversary of North Front of Las Villas
Cubans commemorate 65th anniversary of North Front of Las Villas

Also present were the members of Central Committee of the Communist Party Deiby Pérez, first secretary of the Party in the province, and the Division General Ramón Pando, as well as senior officers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, members of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution and local officials.

A representation of the people of Yaguajay participated in the event, which took place at the Mausoleum that keeps the remains of the combatants who fell during the revolutionary struggle and after the triumph of the Revolution.

Wreaths from the Cuban people, carried by young people from the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School of Sancti Spíritus and protagonists of the honor guard were placed next to the eternal flame as a tribute to the fallen guerrilla fighters.

The closing speech was given by Deiby Pérez, who is also a representative of Cabaiguán municipality, who noted the high sense of unity of the Hero of Yaguajay, as Camilo Cienfuegos is also known, who at times of the revolutionary struggle knew how to organize the guerrillas that operated in the northern region of central Cuba.

Heroes are remembered every day for their righteousness and determination to carry out the just cause of Socialism and defend the work for which they gave their lives. That is the command word of our people, she noted.

The North Front of Las Villas was formed on October 7, 1958, when Column Two, Antonio Maceo, led by Camilo Cienfuegos, arrived in the Boquerones area, municipality of Yaguajay, from the Sierra Maestra mountain range in eastern Cuba.

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