Chilean President Gabriel Boric called for trust in citizens

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, today cast his vote in the constitutional plebiscite and called to trust citizens and participate in peace and with the satisfaction that the institutions work.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric called for trust in citizens
Chilean President Gabriel Boric called for trust in citizens

The ruler voted at around noon accompanied by his family in the city of Punta Arenas, capital of the southern region of Magallanes, where he is registered on the electoral roll.

¨I want to greet those who exercised or will exercise the right to vote because we are carrying out a civic day that, beyond any result, strengthens our democracy¨, he said after depositing the ballot in the polls.

The president added that in Chile today the problems are channeled institutionally and are resolved peacefully, trusting in the people. “We are proud of our electoral system,” he said.

Regardless of the result of this plebiscite, Boric said, the government will continue working on people’s priorities, such as security, health, education and employment.

During the current administration, 45 laws related to the fight against crime were approved and 20 of them are on the prioritized agenda, said the head of the Palacio de la Moneda.

Regarding the issue of health, he expressed, they maintain the fight to reduce waiting times and offer a dignified and timely service to the population.

In his statement, the president reiterated the commitment to build 260,000 homes during his administration and assured that 2024 will be a year of good news regarding the takeoff of the economy.

“Particularly I am going to be attentive to everything related to growth and employment, because I know that these years have been very difficult for families,” he expressed.

According to data from the Electoral Service (Servel), 99.7 percent of the vote receiving tables operate throughout the national territory and, as is usual in these processes in the country, the greatest flow of voters will occur in the first afternoon hours.

Just over 15.4 million citizens were called to participate in the plebiscite to approve or reject the draft new Constitution.

Servel promised to deliver the final results of the consultation during the night of this Sunday.

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