Black Lawyers launch campaign to withdraw Cuba from terrorist list

Members of the New York chapter of the National Conference of Black Lawyers on Saturday launched a stepped-up campaign in the United States urging President Joe Biden to withdraw Cuba from the list of states sponsor of terrorism.


Biden’s call to keep Cuba included in such a unjust list goes against the repeated rejection by the UN General Assembly (UNGA) of the hostile US blockade against Cuba during the last 30 years, Joan P. Gibbs and Rosemari Mealy, promoters of the initiative, said.

According to Gibbs and Mealy, withdrawing Cuba from such unlawful and unilateral list will not put an end to devastating commercial, economic and financial restrictions imposed on Cuba for over 60 years, but it could ease the tightening of such a hostile policy.

The promoters argued that, among other things, this inclusion makes it difficult for Cuba to conduct international transactions or get international loans for food, medicine and basic infrastructure for its people.

Published in the Amsterdam News, the text recalled that while Joe Biden was campaigning for president “he promised to reverse the draconian sanctions imposed on Cuba” by Donald Trump.

However, Biden kept unchanged “most of Trump’s nearly 250 sanctions, including Cuba´s inclusion in the list of states sponsor of terrorism,” they added.

But despite the hostile blockade and its inclusion in the list, Cuba “continues to have higher life expectancy, lower infant and maternal mortality, better health outcomes, higher literacy, more education and less violence than the United States.”

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