Vigil in US to call for end of hostilities against Cuba

Solidarity organizations and friends of Cuba will go to Miami, Florida, on Wednesday to take part in a vigil that will called on United States President Joe Biden to lift the coercive measures against the Caribbean island

Bridges of Love Coordinator Carlos Lazo
Bridges of Love Coordinator Carlos Lazo

Gathered at Miami’s international airport, from 18:30 to 20:30 hours, local time, the activists will call for the lifting of the Washington-imposed six-decade-old economic, commercial, and financial blockade, which is considered a mass violation of the Cuban people’s human rights.

According to Bridges of Love Coordinator Carlos Lazo, this initiative will urge the White House to speed up the family reunification process at its embassy in Havana, boost remittances to relatives living in Cuba and foster extensive cultural and scientific cooperation between both countries.

Participants will also call for the immediate lifting of all measures that hinder the flow of food, medical supplies, and other basic resources to Cuba, as well as the elimination of the limits imposed on the right of US citizens and residents to travel freely to Cuba.

They will also demand removing Cuba from the list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism, which tightens the impact of the blockade on the island, including difficulties to access international trade and carry out financial operations.

“Our goal is to mobilize those who share these views to prove that what South Florida residents really want is to build Bridges of Love with the Cuban people,” Lazo insisted.

Wednesday’s event is part of others that will take place in several parts of the world in December to call for the normalization of relations between both countries and the end of US hostilities.

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