Resolution against US blockade against Cuba presented in New York

A resolution that demands an end to the United States blockade against Cuba was presented in the New York City Council at the initiative of the local solidarity movement with the Caribbean island, it was learned on Friday.

Resolution 8513, which also calls for the elimination of travel bans, was introduced on Thursday by Council Member Charles Barron, from the 42nd District, lawyer and activist Rosemari Mealy confirmed to Prensa Latina via WhatsApp.

Since 2019, the solidarity movement with Cuba in New York, as well as in other cities, has carried out a campaign to ask local councils to approve this kind of resolution, she explained.

Our goal is to try to pass the resolution before the next session of the United Nations General Assembly in September, but once it is tabled it will need at least 12 sponsors before it can be put to a vote by the entire Council, she added.

It would be a real victory if the New York City Council gave the green light to our symbolic resolution, which calls on President Joe Biden to lift the blockade and end restrictions on US citizens to travel to Cuba.

On June 23, 2021, the UN General Assembly again voted overwhelmingly against the United States blockade against Cuba. The resolution was approved by 184 votes in favor, two against (United States and Israel) and three abstentions (Colombia, Brazil and Ukraine).

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