Pablo Milanés turned verses into spells in a concert in Cuba

Wrapped in a halo of lights, sounds and colors, Pablo Milanés sang verses of the past, present and future to form the spell that mesmerized thousands of spectators, a few hours ago, in this capital.

From an atypical stage, the coliseum of the Ciudad Deportiva, the Cuban singer-songwriter thanked the massive capacity that filled the stands of the institution, while he described the public of the island as the best of his career, regardless of tours and presentations in different latitudes.

Accompanied by Miguel Núñez (piano) and Caridad Varona (cello), the composer interpreted the notes of iconic titles of his repertoire, consisting of nearly 400 songs, such as Comienzo y final de una verde mañana, Los males del silencio, El tiempo pasa, La soledad, Flores del futuro, El breve espacio or Yolanda.

Considered one of the main exponents of Spanish singer-songwriters, Milanés combines in his career a mixture of Cuban and American music genres, oscillating between tradition and modernity, feeling, jazz, rumba, son or bolero, which evidences his wide interpretative versatility.

Conceived as part of the international tour Días de Luz, the concert became a journey through time for generations interwoven in the auditorium, which for approximately two hours put the clocks on pause and professed their affection to the one who at the end of the presentation asked between melodies Ámame como soy.

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