Municipal governments in Cuba begin a new stage

The National Electoral Council (CEN) validated on Saturday the constitution of the 168 municipal assemblies of Popular Power, as a fundamental piece of the government apparatus in Cuba.

According to the results collected by the CEN, these bodies were constituted “with total adherence to the Constitution and the Electoral Law” and the validity of the election of the constituency delegates, who will exercise their mandate for a period of five years, was declared.

The assemblies held this Saturday throughout the country were attended by 98.66 percent of the delegates elected on November 27, who signed the oath as faithful servants of the people and their community.

The presidents and vice-presidents of 167 municipal assemblies were elected through a free, equal, direct and secret vote and their secretaries were appointed, and only the election of those positions was pending in the municipal assembly of Old Havana, which will take place tomorrow. According to the CEN report, the elected presidents and vice-presidents of the Popular Power Municipal Assemblies obtained more than 50 percent of the valid votes cast.

The electoral body added that the results of this day were higher than previous processes and among those elected there are 182 women who represent 54.49 percent, higher by 4.19 than the previous process.

Likewise, the average age of those elected fell to 43 years, 95.5 percent have a higher education level and the number of blacks and mulattoes increased to 131, representing 39 percent of the total.

The validity and quality of this democratic process ratifies the municipal assemblies of People’s Power as the highest body of the State in its demarcation, having the responsibility of promoting the economic and social development of the territories and representing the interests of the people with dignity, pointed out the report of the CEN.

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