More than five million Cubans cast their votes in elections

At 17:00 local time this Sunday, shortly before the polling stations closed, 63.85 percent of registered voters casted their votes in the municipal elections in Cuba.

The information, provided to reporters by Denys Buedo, spokesman of the National Electoral Council (CEN), means that 5,332,591 citizens went to the polls to elect the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power, the main body of the State at local level.

The counting of votes began at 19:00 local time on Sunday after the CEN decided to extend the scrutiny one more hour at the request of the authorities of many polling stations in the country.

To be elected candidate you must receive 50 percent plus one of the total votes and will exercise his/her mandate, in a non-professional manner, for five years, according to the changes introduced by the 2019 Constitution.

If a runoff were necessary, it will be held on Sunday, December 4, and these local bodies of the People’s Power will be officially constituted on December 17.

The authorities informed in the electoral reports that the day ran smoothly and orderly, without incidents, as usual.

These are the first elections after restructuring the Cuban electoral system and enacting a new electoral law under the Constitution approved in 2019. 

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