Media marathon against US blockade on Cuba a success

The media marathon organized by the Europa por Cuba channel to condemn the US blockade against the island surpassed expectations due to the participants´ quantity and its messages´ depth, the organizers expressed

Media marathon condemns Washington's blockade against Cuba
Media marathon condemns Washington’s blockade against Cuba

In an interview with Prensa Latina, José Antonio Toledo, Patricia Pérez and Haydeline Díaz highlighted the contribution of voices from the five continents to the denounciation, rejection and demand for the end of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US on Cuba for more than 60 years.

During 24 uninterrumped hours, from Saturday night in Europe till Sunday, traditional and alternative media, solidarity organizations, political forces, trade unions, parliamentarians, intellectuals, Cubans living far from their homeland and individuals in dozens of countries took a stand in repudiation on Whashington´s hostile policy, they recalled.

Acoording to the Europa por Cuba coordinators, they received so many videos and messages that it was necessary to make adjustments in the marathon, so that everyone had the opportunity to claim the end of the aggresive and extraterritorial policy, which was hardened by the last two administrations in the White House.

A lot of people, both on behalf of organizations and as individuals, searched the way to contact us to post their message, and some participating media outlets assured us that they were still releasing information that they were unable to broadcast over the weekend, they added.

The organizers insisted that the event against the blockade represented an inclusive space on television, radio, print media, YouTube and other social networks for those who, from any part of the planet feel love for Cuba and support its people´s resilience, beyond political matters.

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