Le Maire acknowledges impact of energy crisis on population

French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has admitted on Wednesday the severe impact on the population of the energy crisis aggravated by the conflict in Ukraine, which he compared with the 1973 oil shock.

Our compatriots live the affectations daily, with a barrel of oil at 130 dollars and its consequences in the prices of diesel and gasoline at the stations and the rise in gas bill, the official said at a forum in Paris, and recognized that the new crisis arrives very fast after the one caused by the Covid-19.

According to Le Maire, the current situation is comparable in “intensity and brutality” to the so-called first oil crisis, occurred in 1973, in the context of the Arab-Israeli war.

Our response must be different from then, because we cannot repeat the mistakes in the past leading to soaring prices and inflation, it is urgent to be more creative and create a new energy model for France and Europe, he stressed.

The minister pointed out that the way forward is the energy independence in the European Union, a long-term solution that includes the ecological transition among its components.

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