Family Code in Cuba in key of science

The draft bill of the new Family Code, which Cuba currently places in the first order of the popular debate, stands out for its novelties and the implementation of science in addressing the complexities of society.

Family Code in Cuba in key of science
Family Code in Cuba in key of science

The text is the result of an extensive research work, compilation of opinions from the population and analysis with professionals from different fields, elements that make this an advanced and synthesizing norm of diverse knowledge.

The design of consultations with citizens, a practice that is not new for the Cuban Government, allows to provide an integrated view of phenomena that are part of the nation’s social fabric.

More than seven million people are expected to participate in a consultation that runs until April and has already reached more than 50 percent of the planned meetings.

The opinions gathered so far mainly point to issues related to marriage, adoption, surnames’ order, parental responsibility, solidarity gestation or discrimination within the family, National Electoral Council president Alina Balseiro recently said.

The new Family Code will update the current 1975 norm, once it is submitted to a popular referendum, following the approval by the National Assembly of People’s Power of the contributions resulting from the consultation.

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