Development of ophthalmology acknowledged in Sancti Spiritus

The First National Itinerant Congress on Ophthalmology, held in this central province, acknowledged the strengths that this medical specialty has today in Sancti Spiritus with highly qualified personnel.

development of ophthalmology acknowledged in Sancti Spiritus
Development of ophthalmology acknowledged in Sancti Spiritus

The event was held at the General Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital with the participation of nearly 100 delegates and specialists from the Ramon Pando Ferrer Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology in Havana.

Participants discussed the most advanced trends in the diagnosis and treatment of different eye diseases in the country and internationally.

The president of the Cuban Society of Ophthalmology, Juan Raul Hernandez, said that the event was a space for socializing knowledge and outlining new strategies for some services, after the forced pause imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He addressed the care and surgical attention that must be provided to a large number of patients with cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other degenerative conditions.

In his speech, he acknowledged the strengths of ophthalmology as a specialty in Sancti Spiritus, and highlighted the presence of professionals from the territory who have taken advanced training courses at the Ramon Pando Ferrer University, and recent graduates interested in scientific research.

He called to increase health actions to prevent, eliminate or minimize the probable causes of blindness in the Cuban province, which has the third oldest population in the country.

As part of the congress, the First Provincial Ophthalmology Workshop was held. It was sponsored by the Council of Scientific Health Societies and the Provincial Chapter of Ophthalmology.

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