Cuban President attends drill actions at Meteor 2022

The president of the Cuban National Defense Council, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today attended a gas leak drill as part of the popular exercise of actions in disaster situations Meteor 2022 .

Cuban President attends drill actions at Meteor 2022
Cuban President attends drill actions at Meteor 2022

At Empresa Cubana de Gas S.A, located in the Cuban capital, he verified the preparation of the personnel who simulated a leak from a 10-kilogram cylinder on a flatbed truck.

Together with the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, at said filling plant he learned about the process to help any accident.

Among the steps to follow in an emergency, the general manager of this company, Lázara Inés Soria, pointed out that the alarm and the evacuation system are activated with their own means.

She said the area is quickly being cooled down and firefighters from the 16th Fire Command at the refinery are expected to arrive quickly.

Based on what was seen on this second and last day of Meteoro, the Cuban president evidenced the willingness to reduce the risk of disaster in this gas company that supplies the western provinces of Havana, Mayabeque and Artemisa.

The actions throughout Cuba also included monitoring and specifying the status of the Disaster Risk Reduction Plans.

The first day of the Exercise worked on securing responses to the current event of drought and forest fires, as well as measures to protect the population, the economy, and the non-state sector.

The president of the National Defense Council, Miguel Díaz-Canel, learned the forecast for the behavior of the next hurricane season.

Meanwhile, the Chief of the National Civil Defense Staff, Division General Ramón Pardo, affirmed that the knowledge acquired in each Meteor requires the improvement of management, based on local capacities.

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