Cuban foreign minister calls on citizens to strengthen Family Code

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez urged Cuban residents abroad to strengthen the Family Code Bill by expressing their opinions in the popular consultation that will conclude on April 30.

The Family Code: A project of love and justice in Cuba
The Family Code: A project of love and justice in Cuba

Rodriguez tweeted that the experiences and proposals will strengthen regulations “created to suit Cuban families with a vision of the future.”

The Foreign Ministry will be receiving the opinions until the end of this month at

Citizens can write as many times as they deem convenient regardless of their immigration status, since the only validation needed is the verification that they are Cuban.

The bill contains issues such as the flow of travelers and the transnational nature of the family, and is considered by specialists to be revolutionary, in tune with Cuba’s reality and in defense of greater inclusion.

After consulting the Family Code Bill, the Cuban Parliament must approve a new version, which will go to a popular referendum in the second half of this year.

The debate on the draft Constitution of the Republic in 2018 when opinions were received from more than 130 countries, is an antecedent of the participation of emigration in democratic processes in Cuba.

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