Cuban Communist Party assesses management in current context

On Friday, leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) will hold the 5th Plenary Session of their Central Committee, in which the country’s current economic situation will the priority debate.

The meeting includes in its discussions, the ideological work and attention to youths and mass organizations and the fulfillment of the agreements adopted at the VIII Congress, which urged its members to a transformation that deepens and intensifies the essences and values of the Cuban social project.

Issues such as the party’s cadre policy, militancy, the actions to fight crime, speculation, illegalities, food production, the electro-energetic problems, and control of medicines will also be on the agenda.

Since its 8th Congress, the PCC has developed a transformation process to strengthen its functioning, democratizing its ways of doing, and encouraging greater protagonism of its militancy, facing the most pressing problems of today’s society.

The PCC is recognized by the 2019 Constitution as the leading political organization of the Cuban society. Its 8th Congress took place on April 2021.

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