Cuba reaffirms rejection of exclusion from Summit of the Americas

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reiterated his rejection of Cuba’s exclusion from the Summit of the Americas, organized by the Government of the United States.

Summit of the Americas
Summit of the Americas

By excluding countries from the hemisphere from the Summit convened in the name of “the Americas”, the US can no longer hide behind the pretext of not having issued the invitations yet, the foreign minister wrote on his Twitter account.

In his message, he called on the White House to understand that in Latin America and the Caribbean “there is no longer room for the Monroe Doctrine,” which advocates US supremacy over the hemisphere.

The Summit of the Americas is scheduled for June 6-10 in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

Washington affirms that it has not yet sent out the invitations, but it also made it clear that it will exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the meeting, which has provoked expressions of rejection among the leaders of the region.

Several leaders, including Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and Bolivian Head of State Luis Arce, informed that they will be absent from the Summit if Washington does not invite all American nations.

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