Cuba endorses sincere, diverse and iclusive debate

Cuba today endorsed the inclusive debate, the dialogue and the sincere commitments of the peoples of the Americas, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez affirmed.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez
Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez

During a meeting with the national and international press in Havana, the Foreign Affairs Minister assured that to omit the presence of Cuba in the next Summit of the Americas would be a serious historical setback and a detrimental to the objectives of agreement.

The United States should understand that Latin America has changed forever and there is no room for imposing the vision of the Monroe Doctrine, against which the heroes of the independence of the Americas fought, the minister said.

In this sense, he supported Nicaragua’s decision to withdraw from the Organization of American States (OAS), he also rejected the participation of “illegitimate and spurious representatives” of Latin American countries in the June meeting .

Rodriguez emphasized that Cuba has been excluded, together with other member countries of the Pan American Health Organization, from the negotiations on a so-called resilience plan until 2030.

On the migration issue, the foreign minister denounced the racist and xenophobic vision with which Washington continues to approach this issue.

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