Cuba continues search for missing persons after fire

Legal Medicine and Criminalistics experts, as well as anthropologists, search for the disappeared in the large-scale fire in Matanzas

About 60 specialists are working in several delimited quadrants, where the remains of the firemen who tried during the first hours to prevent the spread of the flames caused by a lightning on August 5, on a fuel tank at the Matanzas Supertanker Base are supposed to be.

On Friday, those scientists found fragments of skeletons belonging to four different bodies, and they are carrying out the laboratory works to identify them, while the manual tracking works in the area continue.

At the same time, Cuban authorities, along with institutions and organizations, are assessing the damage and designing a strategy for the immediate recovery.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel reiterated on Friday at the site of the disaster, the recognition of the 127 specialists from Venezuela and Mexico as part of the aid from those countries, as well as Cuban experts.

Diaz-Canel traveled to Matanzas since the first hours of the the incident, where he led the temporary working group to coordinate the strategies to confront the situation.

He also visited the injured and the family members of the missing people.

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