China calls Guantanamo prison a stain on U.S. commitment

China today described the existence of the prison at the Guantanamo naval base as a stain on the U.S. commitment to the protection of the rule of law, for the abuses committed against prisoners

A report by the Council of State (cabinet) denounced that the site is the scene of repeated torture scandals and the arbitrary detentions recorded there without trial and accompanied by ill-treatment, violate international human rights laws.

It mentioned a recent communiqué by a group of independent experts of the UN Human Rights Council, which condemned the existence of the U.S. prison in a territory illigally occupied to Cuba.

On the other hand, the Chinese text criticized that Washington abused force and sanctions, infringed sovereignty in other countries and left a trail of civilian casualties while pursuing hegemonism, unilateralism and interventionism.

“America’s war on terror has killed millions of people. Since the 21st century, the U.S. has launched a series of global foreign military operations in the name of counterterrorism, resulting in nearly one million deaths,” he noted.

He pointed out that the 20 years of military operations in Afghanistan alone resulted in the killing of 174,000 individuals, including more than 30,000 civilians, plus 60,000 wounded.

The cabinet also referred to the growing discrimination in the United States against ethnic minority groups and the consequent increase in the economic and racial gap.

It also deplored the policy of separating migrant children from their families because it seriously endangered the lives, dignity, freedom and other human rights of migrants.

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