Belarus agrees to create conditions for Moscow-Kiev dialogue

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko assured on Friday to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, over the telephone that he is ready to create all conditions for the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, during the conversation Lukashenko confirmed that Belarus will arrange the arrival of delegations, ensure their safety and coordinate the conversations.

Earlier, the head of the Kremlin’s press office informed that Putin is ready to send a delegation at the level of representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Presidential Administration to to Minsk to hold negotiations with the Ukrainian counterpart.

He explained that Putin’s decision is in response to statements by his Ukrainian peer, Vladimir Zelensky, who expressed his readiness to discuss the neutrality status of his country.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted on Friday that Moscow is ready to negotiate at any time, as soon as the Ukrainian Armed Forces stop resisting and lay down their arms.

“No one will attack them, no one will oppress them. Let them return home to their families and give the Ukrainian people a chance to choose their own destiny,” the Russian foreign minister pointed out.

The day before Putin announced in a televised speech the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine to protect the population of the Donbass region and “demilitarize” Ukraine.

According to Moscow authorities, the deployment of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian territory was in response to a request for help from the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) People’s Republics in the face of aggression by Kiev.

Russia regrets that Ukraine broke off diplomatic relations

Kiev’s decision to break relations with Russia is unfortunate, but the history and wisdom of the Ukrainian people will put everything in its place, Maria Zajarova, spokeswoman for the local Foreign Ministry, declared today.

“We hope that history will soon put everything in its place and believe in the age-old wisdom of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, who for centuries inhabited the territory of today’s Ukraine and lived in harmony and mutual respect,” she stressed.

The Russian Foreign Ministry representative expressed her confidence that the family and spiritual ties between the two nations “are stronger than the misanthropic policy of the current puppet government in Kiev.”

She recalled that since 2014, the Ukrainian government has rejected more than 30 interstate and intergovernmental agreements with Russia, including the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Association.

Zajárova denounced that she in the same way rejected countless inter-institutional agreements and more than 60 within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

She stressed that while Ukrainian diplomats enjoyed the privileges of diplomacy in Russia and had all the conditions to carry out their work, those of the Russian foreign service who worked in Kiev lived under constant threats and siege from nationalists.

“Such cavernous hatred of Russia, of everything Russian, including the language, the culture, our common history with Ukraine, became the calling card of the Kiev regime and the policy they carried out both inside and outside the state.” Zakharova emphasized.

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