USA: Kamala Harris Promotes Economic Plan to Fight COVID-19

Kamala Harris will travel to Las Vegas in order to promote President Joe Biden’s economic plan to deal with the pandemic and other issues

USA Vice President Kamala Harris. (Photo taken from PL).

US Vice President Kamala Harris will travel Monday to Las Vegas, Nevada to promote President Joe Biden’s economic plan against COVID-19 aftermaths.

First lady Jill Biden, on the other hand, will visit Burlington, New Jersey with the same purpose, according to her agenda that includes paying visits to Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Georgia.

Called ¨Help is Here¨, the visit is aimed at making US people understand, regardless of ideological preferences, how Biden’s economic plan can improve their lives.

Press releases added that the tour idea arose from lessons learned during the Barack Obama administration (2009-2017), who did not do enough to promote and explain his own decisions to the population, as recognized by Biden, Obama´s former vice president.

The Democratic president signed the economic plan worth US$ 1.9 trillion, following long days of debates and votes in the House and the Senate.

As it was disclosed, it is a historical legislation destined to ‘rebuild the spine of the United States’, the world´s most hit by the pandemic.

The Hill, which specializes in congressional issues, recently posted that the Biden administration would rush to implement the relief package’s provisions, which includes funding for direct payments of US$ 1,400 to qualifying US people, funding for vaccinations and school reopenings, and a tax credit expansion per child.

It also seeks to provide financial support for small businesses, state and local governments, among other measures.

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