US Reliogious People Ask to Revert Sanctions against Cuba

Several US churches and religious organizations ask President Joe Biden to take action concerning the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump against Cuba

Cuba Council of Churches published the letter sent to Joe Biden by religious people from the United States.

About twenty churches and religious organizations in the United States sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to reverse Donald Trump’s sanctions on Cuba.

The letter, published on Wednesday by the Cuban Council of Churches, urged the US president to take new steps towards normalizing US-Cuba relations and to talk about disagreements in a respectful way, thus calling on Joe Biden to take executive action to eliminate travel, family remittances and trade restrictions on Cuba.

These US churches and religious organizations also demanded that the decision to include Cuba on the list of States sponsoring terrorism to be revoked, as well as the authorization for private lawsuits (protected under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act ) against investors from third countries on Cuba.

In addition, the letter urged Joe Biden to reestablish the US embassy´s presence in Havana, starting with the completion of the embassy and consulate staff.

The religious institutions said that they have long called for the end of the economic US blockade on Cuba, in addition to speaking out for normal relations between the two countries.

‘We are convinced that it would be better for both the United States and the Cuban people to normalize the bilateral relations,’ the letter read, referring to the positive aspects for the religious organizations of the two nations and for citizens in general.

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