Taliban Takes Control of Last Territory Held by Opposition Forces

According to the movement’s spokesman, the Taliban has completely occupied the central Panjsher province

The Taliban announced again the formation of a responsible Islamic government in Afghanistan. (Photo: Taken from https://pajhwok.com/).

The Taliban announced once again that they will soon form a responsible Islamic government in Afghanistan, after they have fully occupied the Panjshir Valley, the last province of the country in the power of opposing forces.

The spokesman for the radical fundamentalist movement, Zabihullah Mujahid, said at a press conference in Kabul that the war in Afghanistan is over and they expect a stable country, as quoted by the TOLO news channel.

Mujahid said the future cabinet will likely act as an interim government to allow for change and reform.

On the fate of the Afghan security and defense forces, Mujahid stated that they will be asked to join the Taliban troops.

He stated that technical teams from Qatar and Turkey and a company from the United Arab Emirates are working to normalize operations at Kabul International Airport.

Regarding foreign relations, Mujahid stressed that they want to have good relations with the whole world, especially with China, since it is a great economic power that can help Afghanistan to rebuild and develop.

As for the visit of a Pakistani delegation to Kabul, which included the head of the intelligence services, Faiz Hamid, he reported that Pakistan is concerned about the release of prisoners, as some may try to infiltrate Pakistan.

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