Six New Cases of COVID-19 in Sancti Spiritus; Cuba Reports 224 Infected People

Of the latest 224 COVID-19 cases reported in Cuba, 6 were identified in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, four of which got sick abroad

The new cases reported in Sancti Spiritus come from Cabaiguan, Trinidad
and the capital city. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).

Cuba studied 8,754 samples for COVID 19, resulting in 224 positive ones, accumulating 1, 532, 042 PCR tests carried out and a total of 12,964 diagnosed.

At the close of January 4, 3,312 people are in hospital, 742 suspects, 809 under surveillance and 1,761 active cases; there are 8 patients in critical
and 14 in serious condition and 199 clinical discharges were granted (11,036
patients recovered, 85.1 % of the total number since March), and there were
no deaths.

Out of the 224 confirmed cases, 101 are imported, 109 contacts of confirmed
cases and 14 do not specify the way of contagion.

Among them, 55 (64.2%) were asymptomatic, 198 are Cubans and 26 foreigners. So far, there are no new variant of the virus identified in the country.

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