Sancti Spiritus: Information Phase Decreed Due to Threat of Tropical Depression

Due to the formation of a tropical depression to the south of Cuba, the civil defense body has announced the information phase for several central and western territories

heavy rains predicted for the caribbean area
The tropical depression has been advancing towards the northwest. (Photo: Taken from Cubadebate).

The National Civil Defense established on Thursday the informative phase for several territories, in view of the ninth tropical depression in the current hurricane season.

The agency issued a statement in which it specifies that from 13:00, local time, the provinces from Sancti Spiritus to Pinar del Rio and the special municipality Isla de la Juventud must adopt the measures corresponding to that stage.

Likewise, it oriented the rest of the demarcations to remain attentive to the evolution of the meteorological phenomenon, and particularly to the population it recommended to be aware of the information of Cuba’s Institute of Meteorology and the Civil Defense, through its different channels and the media.

According to information from the Cuban forecast center, the area of low pressure associated with the tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea became on Thursday the ninth tropical depression, with possibilities of continuing to intensify and reach the category of storm.

The tropical depression has been advancing towards the northwest. It maintains an extensive area of clouds with strong activity of showers and thunderstorms, which currently reach the southern portion of the eastern region of Cuba.

The Cuban institution added that atmospheric conditions are favorable for its development, which could occur as it moves northwest over the western Caribbean, approaching the Cayman Islands in the evening and the western region of Cuba and the Yucatan Channel on Friday.

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