Ecuador: Government Responsible for Human Rights Violations

Report by the Special Commission for Truth and Justice blames the government of Ecuador for violating human rights

People demonstrations against violtaion of human rights in Ecuador. (Photo: RT en Español).

The Special Commission for Truth and Justice released on Thursday a report holding Ecuador´s government responsible for human rights violations during the 2019 strike.

The Commission, made up of the Ombudsman’s Office, reported that it focused its work on establishing the existence of indications about violations attributable to the State.

After an in-depth evaluation, the Commission ruled that the State, through its agents, seriously violated the rights to life, physical, psychological and sexual integrity and personal freedom, with a direct impact on free expression, peaceful protest and resistance.

Likewise, it documented cases with evidence of excessive use of force and claimed that, consequently, it is up to those who seek justice to determine the truth of the facts and establish the criminal liabilities of state agents and civilians, who committed alleged crimes.

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